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First European conference on Sports and Innovation

Thank you for attending the first European conference on Sport and Innovation in Eindhoven, from 12 until 14 March 2008. For presentations of the various speakers as well as photographs of the conference please go to <Presentations>.

Working towards the future: The European Platform for Sports and Innovation

The European Conference on Sports and Innovation not only marks the end of the project, but also the start of a new initiative: the European Platform for Sports and Innovation.

At the end of the conference we announced the establishment of a European Platform for Sports and Innovation (EPSI). This will enable the future implementation of the results and instruments developed within the Innosport EU project.

EPSI is a joint organisation of European parties and strives for a more innovation-friendly environment for the EU sports industry. It also aims to stimulate technological innovation and the setting up of innovative technology businesses. The platform’s main goal will be to stimulate networking between the sporting goods industry (the larger brands as well as SMEs), high-tech companies, universities and research organizations. This will be achieved by organizing meetings, seminars, activity groups and by creating a website which includes a shared database for information exchange.

Sharing innovation

EPSI will enable the interchange of information on innovation in the European sports industry, for example to generate ideas for new innovation projects. Working groups will be set up around important topics in the industry, and it is important to realise that we will need a critical mass in order to present our findings to the EU Commission. In this way, our lobby of research programmes in Europe will help provide more attention and space for projects on Sports innovation. For more information go to <link ‘Platform’> or (still under construction)

The InnosportEU European Coordination Action project was founded in February 2006 to investigate trends, needs and related aspects such as health and safety within the European sports industry, with the aim of identifying promising innovation opportunities.

InnosportEU increases effectiveness by creating links at European level between knowledge institutes, education and the business community. This work is supported by the European Committee. For more information about the activities of Innosport.EU, go to <link Activities>

InnosportEU is a consortium of 12 European members. <link ‘Consortium’>

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